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It seems that users have spoken: recommendation systems are a feature, not a product. On the web, this means that recommendations either need to be 1) embedded in a consumption experience, the way they are on Amazon or Netflix, or 2) attached to a discovery mechanism, which (usually) means SEO’d…

Hmm. Yes.

Last Week In SF

VentureBeat & Xyologic would  like to personally invite you to join VentureBeat Lead Writer, Dean Takashahi & Xyologic Founder, Matthaus Krzykowski for an invitation-only Private Party - the day before MobileBeat2012 and GamesBeat conference on Monday, July 9th at 6:00-8:00 PM.  

This exclusive party will gather key influencers, investors and mobile industry executives for a chance to explore partnership and networking opportunities. 

LOCATION:  Aventine (582 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
DATE:  July 9, 2012
TIME:  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

To register for this event, simply hit reply with Insert Name VIP Party RSVP in the subject line by Thursday 5th. If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Cohen at 415-531-3800.

About Xyologic

Xyologic is about to launch the first ever mobile app search that is geared towards mobile games and the mainstream app user, as well as announcing investment from game industry leaders. 

Since Summer 2010, Xyologic has gathered information on how users search for apps, what queries they type, and how users behave. Xyologic’s view is that to most users, the mobile Internet world is new and most users are inexperienced when it comes to app search and discovery. For example, only 5% of all users seek specific app brands or titles.

After 1,5 years of development Xyologic’s is about to show its new approach to mobile app search. 

At the occasion of GamesBeat and MobileBeat Xyologic will be inviting conference speakers to get a sneak preview at its upcoming closed Beta.

Rage Against The Design Machine

Some people say design has become the key lingua franca of the startup world & that this is a good thing.

After iterating the current Xyo technology pitch for two weeks I am admitting defeat against this new god. Hardly anyone understands technology, even simplified versions of it.

However, Adobe Photoshop (since the 90s) and the appification of our world has produced hundred thousands startup enthusiasts that are able to deal with basic UI concepts. These people understand features, interaction design. You need to serve them see visual mock-ups, too.

Hence, from now on we will talk about features while I show pictures.

The Copyright Debate: How Creatives Become Entrepreneurs

I remember reading an article on Spiegel Online a couple of weeks ago where a Pirate Party member discussed the digitalisation of content with the hip hopper Jan Delay. A core element of Jan’s argument was that musician’s income is evaporating and artists want other organisations than themselves (read: labels etc) to handle business.

Won’t happen. As a former tech blogger with VB I have seen how veteran journalists like Dean Takahashi had to embrace entrepreneurship in their 40s when he moved from the San Jose Mercury News to VentureBeat. Other professions than journalism will follow. The article I linked to has the following excerpt:

"Pinfield (former Columbia Records VP) also commented on the recent success some artist are having with crowdfunding their albums, saying “Kickstarter is great” in reference to the crowdfunded projects platform. Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls is the first big example of Kickstarter success, raising over $800,000 for her record release campaign.

“It’s really great for bands that the record companies don’t want to invest in anymore because they’re only interested in what’s new, fresh,” he said. “There are bands out there with enough fans that are making more money through Kickstarter than they ever made when they couldn’t control the marketing money that was used to promote the record.”

What "Managing Growth" Is

Some people are asking me what I do at Xyo. In a way I am a founder, so I do “everything” together with my Co-Founders. In terms of core responsibilities - my core and overall obsession is “growth.” 

Xyologic Leading Charge to Revolutionise App Discovery

A hometown update on what I have been up to lately.

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Tim Chang on the Y Combinator “party-round” seed craze

Just sorting through some of my notes. Had not much time to read in the last few weeks, now mostly deleting. But stumbled upon a Facebook comment by Tim on a post on Y Combinator seed rounds

nicely written post on the whole YC “party-round” seed craze. I’ll chime in with my $0.02:

1) the seed bubble makes total sense to me, and if I were a young 1st time entrepreneur today, I ‘d do the same: it’s a free option to “audition” and build a portfolio of your work in the hopes that a) it happens to explode and go viral; b) attract an early acqui-hire as a mega signing bonus at Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. 

2) most big exit social/B2C plays have never had a viable profitable & standalone business model (Hotmail, Youtube, Bebo, Instagram, etc.) — but they did manage to grow exponentially, retain an engaged audience and hold on to their attention span. This is what acquirers are really buying: captive community, upon which the buyer can leverage existing business models that are working (ad, commerce, etc.).
3) while incubators love to tout the democratization of easy starting capital (“everyone of you deserves to get funded!”), most folks don’t readily acknowledge that the mortality rate is in the 70%+ range — which has always been the case for early stage startups. Seed-stage startups are in most danger of hitting the “tweener” trap: product built, some signs of traction, but not enough to attract pre-emptive VC follow-on. Angels/seed-funds not designed for bridge rounds.

Net-net, I’m no longer looking at YC deals or “party-round” seed deals - but more than happy to revisit for follow-ons when there’s A) growth, or B) the come-to-Jesus seed recap :) Also spending more time with serial entrepreneurs with big vision who skip the incubator stage altogether…

May 1st in Berlin. Never experienced anything like this on Bay to Breakers or other similar events. That’s how cool we are around here and you are not (anymore) SF. If you are into this type of urban experiences, then Berlin is the town to be.
Source and photographer

May 1st in Berlin. Never experienced anything like this on Bay to Breakers or other similar events. That’s how cool we are around here and you are not (anymore) SF. If you are into this type of urban experiences, then Berlin is the town to be.

Source and photographer

Strong Opinions @marksbirch: Who Web 2.0 Companies Would Rather Be

The Art Historian (and presumably Paul Graham view) on history is that very, very seldom something new pops up. Agree.


We think we know what most of the hot Web 2.0 players are all about. It is about growing out the user base and expanding services and making money. But where are they really going and who would they rather be when it is all said and done? I have a few thoughts on that…

  • Facebook – Microsoft

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